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My Ruin

"My Ruin" are a Los Angeles based rock metal band.

Fronted by Tairrie B (former vocalist of Tura Satana and Manhole and solo rap artist), they have been going through various line-up changes since 1999.

They have a dedicated fanbase, most notably in the UK.

Their sound consists of passionate vocals set against heavy rock beats. Vocalist Tairrie B and Mick Murphy began a side project known as The Lvrs. Mick Murphy has another side project known as Neanderthal.

* Tairrie B - Vocals

* Mick Murphy - Guitar

* Chris Lisee - Bass

* Matt LeChevalier - Drums

* Yael - Drums (2000-2005)

* Meghan Mattox - Bass (1999-2004)

* Jonny Chow - Bass (2004-2005)

* Melanie Makaiwi - Guitar & Bass / Composer (on first album)

Albums & EPs:

* ''Speak And Destroy'' (1999, UK release; 2000, US release) (Spitfire)

* ''Terror EP'' (1999, UK release) (Snapper)

* ''A Prayer Under Pressure Of Violent Anguish'' (2001) (Spitfire)

* ''To Britain With Love... And Bruises'' (2001; only released in the UK) (Live) (Snapper Classics UK)

* ''The Shape Of Things To Come EP'' (2003) (Century Media)

* ''The Horror Of Beauty'' (2003) (Century Media)

* ''The Brutal Lang...

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