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"Mylo", real name "Myles MacInnes" (born 1978 in Skye), is a Scottish electronic musician.

A 1999 graduate of philosophy, psychology & physiology at Brasenose College, Oxford, he quit studying for a philosophy Ph.D at UCLA to return home and produce music.

He released his debut album, ''Destroy Rock & Roll'' in 2004, on the Breastfed Recordings label, which he co-owns. Mylo produced the album in his own bedroom, on an Apple Macintosh G4.

He has provided remixes for the likes of Scissor Sisters ("Mary") and The Killers ("Somebody Told Me"). One of his notable works is a remix of Kylie Minogue's #2 UK hit "I Believe in You" in 2004 which appeared on the single.

His biggest chart success to date came in autumn 2005, when his single Dr Pressure, a mash-up of his own song Drop The Pressure and Miami Sound Machine's Dr Beat (originally created by mashup artists Phil n' Dog before being released by Mylo), peaked at No.3 in the UK singles chart, following previous top 20 hits he had had such as Drop the Pressure (No.19), Destroy Rock & Roll (No.15) and In My Arms (No.13) during late 2004 and 2005.

He has als...

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