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Naked Raygun

"Naked Raygun" was a very influential Chicago-based punk band of the 1980's and early 1990's. All incarnations featured Jeff Pezzati on vocals. Members over time include Jim Colao and Eric Spicer on drums, Pierre Kezdy and Camilo Gonzalez on bass, and Santiago Durango and John Haggerty on guitar. Naked Raygun began as a noisy, free-form band, often trading members with Big Black but later sharpened into a hard pop outfit in a league with the Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers, and The Jam.

The Misfits were known for their sing-along "Whoa-oh-oh" choruses after the 1982 "Walk Among Us" LP -- and although Naked Raygun are often cited as having been influenced by The Misfits in this regard, the reverse is the case.

Brief discography:

* ''Basement Screams'' EP

* ''Flammable Solid'' EP

* ''Throb Throb'' LP (with cover art by Macintosh comic book artist Mike Saenz)

* ''All Rise'' LP

* ''Jettison'' LP

* ''Understand?'' LP

* ''Raygun... Naked Raygun'' LP

* ''Last of the Demohicans'' LP (posthumous)

* ''Free Shit!'' LP (reunion)

Haggerty and Kezdy would later join with Larry Damore of the Bhopal Stiffs to form Pegboy. Pezzati fronted The Bomb. A reunion in ...

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