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Name Taken

Name Taken was a pop punk band from Orange County, California. The band split up in 2005.

*Chad Atkinson - Vocals/Bass *Ryan Edwards - Guitar *Blake Means - Guitar *Juan Pereda - Drums

*Danny Valencia - Drums

*The Silent Game (Top Notch Records, 2001) *Bayside/Name Taken Split (Dying Wish Records, 2003) *Hold On (Dying Wish Records, 2004)

==External links=

* Name Taken Myspace

Name Taken Name Taken Name Taken Name Taken musical groups

Taken Taken (groupe) Taken Taken years active 2000 – 2005 origin California music genre Pop-punk
Cult-Core current members Chad Atkinson (vocals, bass),
Blake Means (guitar),
Ryan Edwards (guitar),
Juan Pereda (drums)

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source: Wikipedia

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