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The term "nameless" usually refers to someone or something that doesn't have a name. Other than that it can refer to following:

* The Nameless, a Vancouver-based band formed in 2003

* Orkest Zonder Naam (Nameless Orchestra), a Dutch orchestra of the catholic broadcasting corporation KRO

* David Mathenge, a Kenyan musician using stage name Nameless

* ''Nameless'', the protagonist of 2002 film ''Hero'' played by Jet Li

* ''Nameless Detective'', in a series of novels by Bill Pronzini

* ''Nameless, Erast Petrovich'', a pseudonym of Erast Fandorin, the protagonist of a series of detective stories by Boris Akunin

* Nameless City, an ancient ruined city in H.P. Lovecraft's short story under the same title

* ''The Nameless Novel'', a working title of the 2005 novel ''The Penultimate Peril'' by Lemony Snicket

* ''The Nameless One'', the protagonist of the 1999 CRPG ''Planescape: Torment''

* ''Nameless Pharaoh (namonaki pharaoh)'', the spirit of an ancient pharaoh ''Atum'' that resides in the Yugi Mutou's Millennium Puzzle, as featured in the anime series ''Yu-Gi-Oh!''

* ''Unaussprechlichen Kulten'' originally known as ''Nameless Cults'', a fictional b...

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