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"Nargaroth" is a German black metal solo project. Although Nargaroth is a one man band, René „Kanwulf“ Wagner is supported by session musicians such as Akhenaten of black metal band Judas Iscariot (both are supposed to be the members of black metal band Torrent), Occulta Mors of „Moonblood“ and one man band „Nachtfalke“ as well as „Seeds of Hate“ drummer L'hiver (also known as Winterblut).

300px|thumb|right|Cover of 1999 album Herbestleyd

According to Kanwulf, Nargaroth was formed in 1989, but due to contradictory statements of Kanwulf, this date is disputed, as well as the release of the seven track instrumental demo ''Orke'' in 1991. It is supposed that this demo was actually released in 1999; the demo ''Herbstleyd'', which Kanwulfs claims to be released in 1993, was probably not released before this date. Nargaroth’s first album ''Herbstleyd'' was released by No Colours Records in 1999, followed in 2000 by ''Amarok'', which is not an album but a re-release of old recordings, as well as the controversial demo ''Fuck Off Nowadays Black Metal'', (released as a demo resulting to disputes over production values). This demo is said to be limited to 3...

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