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"Narnia" is a Swedish Christian melodic metal band featuring guitarist Carl Johan Grimmark. The band formed in 1996.

Christian Liljegren and Carl Johan Grimmark met for the first time in 1993 in Jönköping, a town in the south of Sweden. At this time Christian and his band Modest Attraction were just about to publish their first album ''The Truth in Your Face''. Carl was member of a band named Sentinel. They exchanged their telephone numbers and remained in contact.

Several years passed and both Christian and Carl had trouble with their bands. Modest Attraction produced its second album ''Divine Luxury'', at the same time as Carl Johan decided to leave Sentinel. Also at this time (1996) Christian phoned Carl Johan and asked him whether he was interested in going through with a project. Christian had a passion for melodic hard rock, which he was not able to explore in the band Modest Attraction. Carl Johan was instantly interested in a project along those lines.

A few months later Christian called Carl again and said to him that Modest Attraction would go on tour to Germany and the guitar player Stephan Mohlin could not accompany them. Thus Carl Johan replaced ...

years active 1996 - Present
origin Jönköping
country Sweden
music genre Heavy metal music
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source: Wikipedia