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Natalie Merchant

"Natalie Anne Merchant" (born October 26, 1963 in Jamestown, New York, USA) is a professional musician. She joined the rock band 10,000 Maniacs in 1981 and began her solo career in 1993. The family surname of Merchant

is of Sicilian origin and was originally ''Mercanto''. She is married and has a daughter.

Merchant was the lead singer of the band 10,000 Maniacs, joining in its infancy in 1981. She left the band in 1993 to pursue a successful solo career. Her debut solo album ''Tigerlily'' (1995) had three Top 40 singles in the U.S.: "Carnival", "Jealousy", and "Wonder". In 1997, she first performed "Planctus", a song for voice and piano written for her by Philip Glass. In 1998, Merchant released ''Ophelia'', supported by co-headlining the concert tour Lilith Fair. The following year she released ''Live in Concert''.

In 2001, Merchant released her album ''Motherland'' and went on an extensive tour of North America and Europe. She parted ways with Elektra Records in 2003 and released a folk album of traditional songs called ''The House Carpenter's Daughter'' in September of that year on Myth America Records, her own label. Merchant plays the piano, has produc...

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