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"Nationalteatern". Swedish progg rock group from the 1970s with leftist political texts. Originally a traveling theater ensemble with many members, most notable Ulf Dageby, Anders Melander, Totta Näslund, Nikke Ström, Hans Mosesson & Pale Olofsson.

Nationalteatern was the brightest band on the Swedish progressive rock scene in the 1970s.

Initially formed as a free theater group in Lund, 1968, Nationalteatern moved to Gothenburg and started to put heavy emphasis on the musical part of the plays. The leader of the group in the early days was Anders Melander, and he also played most of the instruments at the recording of the groups debut album, ''Ta det som ett löfte......ta det inte som ett hot''. (Take it as a promise…… don’t take it as a threat)

On the second album, ''Livet är en fest'', (Life is a party) Ulf Dageby was allowed more room, and he was later to evolve into the group's driving force. The album was a more straightforward rock album than the previous one, something that proved very successful.

In 1977, many members of Nationalteatern played a significant part of The Tent Project.

On ''Barn av vår tid'', (Children ...

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