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"Nausea" were a punk rock band from New York City, influential in the Crust Punk genre. Like such predecessors as the anarchist band Crass, Nausea featured dueling male and female vocals. They were heavily involved in the Lower East Side squatting community, and were anarchists. Now famous punk artist John John Jesse was a member.


*Nausea - Self Titled Demo (Self Released, 1988)

*Nausea - Extinction LP / Cassette (Profane Existence, 1990)

*Nausea - Cybergod 7" (Allied Recordings, 1991)

*Nausea - Lie Cycle 7" (Graven Image / Skuld Records, 1992)

*Nausea - Alive in Holland VHS (Channel Zero Reality / Profane Existence, 1993)

*Nausea - Extinction: The Second Coming CD (Selfless Records, 1993)

*Nausea - Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 1 2xLP / CD (Alternative Tentacles/Blacknoise 2004)

*Nausea - Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 2 2XLP / CD (Hellbent 2005)


*New York Hardcore: The Way It Is LP (Revelation Records, 1988)

*Squat or Rot Volume. 1 7" (Squat or Rot, 1989)

*They Don't Get Paid, They Don't Get Laid, But Boy Do They Work Hard LP (Maximum Rock'n'Roll, 1989)

*Murders Among Us 7" (Vermiform, 1990)

*More Songs About Plants and Trees 7" (Allied,...

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