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Necrophobic is a Swedish blackened death metal band formed in 1989 by drummer Joakim Sterner and guitarist David Parland. The pair played with a 'revolving door' lineup of musicians until the permanent addition of guitarist Martin Halfbahn. This addition occurred prior to recording their debut album, The Nocturnal Silence, in 1993. Following the appendage of vocalist/bassist Tobias Sidegard, Necrophobic released a four-song extended play, Spawned By Evil, in 1996. This was a teaser for the full-length release, Darkside, which bowed later that same year. Third Antichrist was released in fall 2000 through Black Mark Records, but it marked the fourth release from the group to be mishandled by their US distributors. A switch to Hammerheart Records led to Bloodhymns, the first of their traditional death metal releases to see American shores through that label.


*''The Nocturnal Silence'' - (1993)

*''Darkside'' - (1997)

*''The Third Antichrist'' - (1999)

*''Bloodhymns'' - (2002)

*''Hrimthursum'' - (2006)

* Official website

* The Video for "Blinde...

years active 1989 – present
countryStockholm, Sweden
music genreBlackened Death Metal
current members Tobias SidegÄrd
Sebastian Ramstedt
Johan BergebÀck
Joakim Sterner
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia