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''If you wanna read about Czech RepublicĀ“s beer Nektar.''

"Nektar" is a 1970s English progressive rock band based in Germany.

Formed in Hamburg, Germany in 1969, members included Roye Albrighton on guitars and vocals, Allan "Taff" Freeman on keyboards, Derek "Mo" Moore on Rickenbacker bass, Ron Howden on drums, and Mick Brockett on lights, special effects and other miscellania. Songwriting was always considered a group effort.

The band's early albums such as ''Journey to the Centre of the Eye'', ''Sounds Like This'' and ''A Tab in the Ocean'' were obscure psychedelic rock albums that won the band a small but growing cult following, based largely on word of mouth. The last of those albums was the first Nektar album to be released in the U.S., on the small Passport Records label.

It was Nektar's second U.S. release, ''Remember the Future'' (1974), that propelled the band briefly into mass popularity. A concept album about a blind boy who communicates with an extraterrestrial being, the music was a big leap forward for the band with a much more melodic sound than on previous albums. It shot into the Top 20 album charts in the U.S. The follow up album, ''Down to...

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