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In the Torah and several non-canonical Jewish and early Christian writings, nephilim (in Hebrew ×נּפ××× means those causing others to fall) are a people created by the crossbreeding of the "sons of God" (benei elohim, ×× × ××××××) and the "daughters of men". (See Genesis 6:1.) The word nephilim is loosely translated as giants or titans in some translations of the Bible, and is left as nephilim in others.

(Genesis 6:1-4, English Standard Version)

= The origination of the Nephilim begins with a story of the fallen angels. Shemhazai, an angel of high rank, led a rebel sect of angels in a descent to earth to instruct humans in righteousness. The tutelage went on for a few centuries, but soon the angels pined for the human females. After lusting, the fallen angels instructed the women in magic and conjuring, mated with them, and produced hybrid offspring: the Nephilim.

The Nephilim were gigantic in stature. Their strength was prodigious and their appeti...

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