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Nerve Agents

"The Nerve Agents" were an American hardcore punk formed by Andy Outbreak and Eric Ozenne (ex-Redemption 87).

Their angry brand of music juxtaposed yelled, sometimes ranting vocals with simple, heavily distorted chords and fast-paced percussion. Some singing is present in their music, though it mostly takes the form of drawn-out yells with little or no consideration of pitch. The Nerve Agents were also known for a never-before explored connection between hardcore punk and goth/glam music, with the band members wearing eyeliner onstage and covering songs such as David Bowie's 'Suffragette City' and 45 Grave's 'Evil'.

The members of The Nerve Agents are now/or used to be in the bands Darker My Love ,The Frisk, Hudson Criminal, Model American, Fury 66, the Distillers, Redemption 87, Pitch Black, Unit Pride, Black Dove Quartet, and the Strange Young Heros.

*Eric Ozenne (Sheric D.)- vocals

*Timmy Stardust (Tim Presley) - guitar

*Zac Hunter - guitar (joined on Nerve Agents: Days of the White Owl)

*Dante Sigona - bass, piano (joined on Nerve Agents/Kill Your Idols split)

*Andy Outbreak (Andy Granelli) - drums

*Kevin Cross - guitar & bass (played on S/T ep. and...

years active 1998–2001
country United States of America
status Split Up
music genre hardcore punk
current members Eric Ozenne, Timmy Stardust, Zac Hunter, Dante Sigona, Andy Outbreak
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia