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Neverending White Lights

"Neverending White Lights" is fronted by Daniel Victor and features several artists mainly from Canada and the United States, all into one album.

* Chris Gray of The Black Maria

* Jason Martin of Starflyer 59

* Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace

* Chris Gordon of Deckard

* Nathan Larson, formerly of Shudder to Think

* Steve Barry of Cirrus

* Sharky Laguana of Creeper Lagoon

* Marco DeFelice of Supergarage

* Daniel Greaves formerly of The Watchmen and Doctor

* John Campsey of Sleepway

* Matt Talbot, formerly of Hum, now in Centaur

* Judah Nagler of The Velvet Teen

* Jimmy Gnecco of Ours

* Nick Hexum of 311

* Scott Anderson of Finger Eleven

* Todd Kerns, formerly of Age of Electric

* Dallas Green of Alexisonfire and City and Colour

* Mogwai


*''Act 1: Goodbye Friends of the Heavenly Bodies'' (2005)


*"The Grace" featuring Dallas Green (2005 - #27; Canadian Singles Chart)

*"Angels & Saints" featuring Chris Gordon (2006)

Originally, ''The Grace'', featuring Dallas Green was entitled ''Grace of a Happy Death''.

* Neverending White Lights Official Website


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