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New Grass Revival

"New Grass Revival" was a progressive bluegrass band from 1971 to 1989.

The founding members were Sam Bush (mandolin, fiddle, guitar), Courtney Johnson (banjo, guitar), Ebo Walker (Harry L Shelor Jr) (upright bass) and Curtis Burch (guitar, Dobro), all from Louisville, Kentucky and nearby areas of western Kentucky. They met as members of the Bluegrass Alliance, and when Lonnie Peerce left the group with ownership of the name, they reformed as the New Grass Revival (Bush has credited Walker with coining the term, "new grass"). After the release of their first album, released untitled, and as "New Grass Revival", "The Arrival of the New Grass Revival" and "Today's Bluegrass", Walker left the band. Butch Robins briefly joined the band, but being a talented banjoist he balked at playing bass, and was replaced by John Cowan, a bass player with a background in soul music, who also shared lead vocals with Bush.

Around 1981, the group disbanded, however Bush and Cowan decided to continue performing. New Yorkers Béla Fleck, a Julliard-educated banjo prodigy, and Pat Flynn, a session guitarist, joined the group, and this lineup was stable for the remainder of the band's exis...

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