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New Bomb Turks

The "New Bomb Turks" are a garage punk band from Columbus, Ohio. They are part of an early 90's midwestern garage revival that included bands such as the Devil Dogs and Gaunt. The members are Jim Weber, Eric Davidson, Bill Randt, and Matt Reber (Sam Brown later replaced Bill Randt on drums). Musically, they are akin to the The Sonics or the Troggs. Their lyrics are generally witty and humorous, but have serious themes underneath. While they have a large recorded output, they developed their following through their high-energy, entertaining shows.

They have released over twenty singles, ten full length LPs, and a handful of EPs. Their early recordings appear on the Datapanik and Bag of Hammers labels. From there, they transitioned to Crypt Records, where they released two of their more popular albums, ''!!Destroy Oh-Boy!!'' and ''Information Highway Revisited''. Next they released a string of LPs on Epitaph Records including ''Scared Straight'' and ''Nightmare Scenario''. Their next album, ''The Night Before the Day the Earth Stood Still'', appeared on Gearhead Records.

In addition to these albums, there are the many singles. The singles often contained unreleas...

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