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New End Original

New End Original

"New End Original" was a punk-pop/emo band established in 2000 by former Far frontman Jonah Matranga, as a more rock-slanted outlet for his solo home recording project onelinedrawing ('New End Original' is an anagram of 'onelinedrawing'). Matranga took on the lead vocal duties, with the lineup completed by Texas Is The Reason alumni Scott Winegard (bass) and Norman Arenas (guitar), and drummer Charlie Walker (ex-Chamberlain).

New End Original's discography is limited to one album, ''Thriller'', and one single, "Lukewarm" - both of which were released by Jade Tree Records in 2001. Tracks from ''Thriller'' were featured in an episode of ABC Family's The Brendan Leonard Show in 2003.

The band splintered in 2003, as Matranga went on to continue with onelinedrawing and form Gratitude.

* Jade Tree records' New End Original page

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