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New Model Army

"New Model Army" are an English rock band. They are widely known for their unwavering political stance, and working class ethics. Therefore they are often labelled as a punk band.

New Model Army's earliest material on their debut album ''Vengeance - The Independent Story'' could probably with some justification be regarded as modern punk, albeit more melodic than the works of many of their classic counterparts.

Through the years, however, New Model Army have experimented with a great number of musical styles and nurtured numerous different inspirations. As a rock band they generally stand out of the crowd having a greater emphasis on the rhythm section, which often contains references to r&b. Besides punk, they have also been classified as post-punk, folk-rock, indie rock, gothic, rock noir and even metal amongst others. Their music is often regarded as intense, angry, and powerful, some might even say militant. However their repertoire also include quieter and softer, sometimes even acoustic material. Thus it would be inaccurate to simply classify them as any of these genres. Rather one should recognise them for what they really are: A very versatile rock band with ma...

Background group or band
Origin UK
Genre Rock music
Years active 1980–present
Current members Justin Sullivan
Michael Dean
Dean White
Marshall Gill
Past members Stuart Morrow
Ed Alleyne-Johnson
Robert Heaton
Ricky Warwick
Dave Blomberg
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source: Wikipedia