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New Seekers

The New Seekers was an Australian pop group, formed in 1969 by Keith Potger after the break-up of his group, The Seekers.

The idea was that the New Seekers would appeal to the same market as the original Seekers, but the type of music they performed was not as folk-influenced.

The most familiar line-up included Eve Graham, Lyn Paul, Marty Kristian, Peter Doyle and Paul Layton. In addition to having several big hits, the group represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest 1972. They were hot favourites to represent the UK again in 1980 with the song Tell me but it was disqualified shortly before the televised final of A Song for Europe.

Their hit single "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing", adapted from an advertising jingle for Coca Cola, appeared 81st on the list of the UK's best-selling singles issued in 2002. It sold just under one million copies in the United Kingdom alone. The version used in the Coca Cola television commercials was credited to The Hillside Singers, as many people of various backgrounds and cultures sang the song, holding Coca Cola bottles on a hilltop in the commercial. "I'd Like to Teach t...

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