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Night Shift

A "night shift" is either a group of workers who work during the night, or the period in which they work. See shift work.

"Night Shift" (with capital initial letters) refers to:

* ''Night Shift'' (book), a 1978 collection of short stories by Stephen King

* ''Night Shift'' (film), a 1982 film, one of Ron Howard's earliest directorial efforts

* ''Night Shift'' (video game), an Atari video game

* Night Shift (band), a Serbian heavy rock band

* ''Night Shift'' (TV series), a British television series shown late at night on ITV

* Night Shift (comics), a fictional team of supervillains in the Marvel Universe

* ''Night Shift'' (computer game), a 1990 computer game designed and published by LucasArts

* ''Nightshift'', a song and album by The Commodores

* The Night Shift, a Network Radio Station by Synerdata R

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