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Night Ranger

Night Ranger, is a U.S. rock band formed in San Francisco, California in 1981. The quintet are most known for the power ballad "Sister Christian," which peaked at #5 in early 1984. The group's nucleus formed in Rubicon, a pop group led by Jerry Martini of Sly and the Family Stone fame. After Rubicon's demise in 1979, bassist Jack Blades (b. 1954) formed a hard rock trio with drummer Kelly Keagy (b. 1952) and guitarist Brad Gillis (b. 1957). Performing under the name Stereo, the threesome later added keyboardist Alan "Fitz" Fitzgerald (b. 1949), a former member of Montrose and the Sammy Hagar group. Fitz soon recommended enlisting a second virtuoso guitarist, Jeff Watson (b. 1956), who led his own band in Northern California. The seeds were sown for a new melodic hard rock band, initially called simply Ranger.

In 1982, the band subsequently changed its name to Night Ranger after a country band, The Rangers, claimed a trademark infringement. By this point, they had recorded "Dawn Patrol" for Boardwalk Records, opening for ZZ Top and Ozzy Osbourne; the latter performer employed Brad Gillis as an alternate guitarist for the recently ...

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Night Ranger

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