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Nikola Sarcevic

Nikola Sarcevic (born July 9, 1974, in Örebro, Sweden) is the bassist and singer of the skate-punk band Millencolin, and also writes most of the band's songs. He now lives in Gothenburg, Sweden with his fiancé Lisa.

Nikola has recorded his first-solo album called Lock-Sport-Krock, which is an imaginary soccer team that he and his brother pretended to play in when they were young. This album is completely different to the Millencolin sound - it is much more intimate and varies from country music to soft rock and pop songs.

Nikola's solo album also features a number of songs relating to the April 20, 2003 disappearance of his brother Miodrag.

April 2006: Nikola has just entered the studio in Gothenburg for a recording of a new solo album. A release date is not yet known.

*Lock-Sport-Krock (2004) #Lovetrap #Viola #Nobody Without You #Lock-Sport-Krock #Glue Girl #You Make My World Go Around #New Fool #Goodbye I Die #Mirror Man #My Aim Is You #Vila Rada

*Lovetrap (2004) - Swedish release only #Lovetrap #Just Me


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