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Nina Nastasia

"Nina Nastasia" is a New York City-based singer-songwriter. Her music is noted for an eclectic mix of folk delicacy and intricate chamber music arrangements worked out with her band and partner Kennan Gudjonsson.

Nastasia has released three albums so far, the first of which, ''Dogs'', was initially released in 2000 in a minuscule edition of 1000 copies on Socialist Records. The album sold out quickly and her subsequent albums, ''The Blackened Air'' (2001) and ''Run to Ruin'' (2003) were released on indie label Touch and Go Records. The label also re-released ''Dogs'' in 2004. All three albums were recorded by Steve Albini.

Nastasia was a favorite of late BBC disc jockey John Peel and recorded six sessions for his shows. The last one was recorded with the help of Tuvan throat singing group Huun-Huur-Tu. Nastasia also contributed a song to the tribute compilation for Peel named "Bird of Cuzco". Two of Nastasia's songs made Peel's annual ''Festive Fifty'': "Ugly Face" (ranked 4th in 2002) and "You, Her & Me" (13th in 2003).


* 2000 "Dogs" (Socialist)

:* 2004 re-released (Touch and Go)

* 2001 "The Blackened Air" (Touch and Go)

* 2003 "Run to Ruin" (Touc...

years active 1999–present
country United States
music genre Folk, Chamber music
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source: Wikipedia