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No Angels

"No Angels", a girl group from Germany, were formed in 2000 on the international television sensation Popstars, a precursor to the Idol shows. They sang in English and were popular throughout Europe and scored minor success in the USA. In summer 2003 the band announced they would no longer perform together, instead pursuing individual careers in music, theater, television and film.

No Angels were one of the most successful bands developed from any version of the show (the still-together pop girl group Girls Aloud arguably being most successful). All successors in similar shows in Germany were less successful. The show PopStars originated in New Zealand and created the group TrueBliss.

The group skyrocketed to fame with their debut single "Daylight In Your Eyes". It remained #1 in Germany for a month. They then released their debut album, ''Elle'ments''. It sprouted the follow up single "Rivers of Joy". The girls then re-released the album with new tracks including the third single "There Must Be An Angel" (a remake of the 80s classic by Eurythmics). The single featured a B-side "100% Emotional" which became a theme song for a teen-angst-ridden show in Germany. T...

Background group or band
Origin Germany
Genre Pop (music)
Years active 2000-2003
website Official site
Current members Nadja Benaissa
Ludmilla Diakovska
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia