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No Doubt

"No Doubt" is an American pop/ska/rock band. No Doubt is heavily influenced by Jamaican culture and have dabbled in ska and reggae music, teaming up with Jamaican artists such as Lady Saw and Bounty Killer. No Doubt's multiple genre style is noted in the song "Move On" where they state "We meshed the styles of five alive and intertwined and fused it".


No Doubt was formed by Eric Stefani (keyboards) in Anaheim, California with his friend John Spence (lead vocals) in November 1986. Eric's younger sister, Gwen Renée Stefani, joined the group that same year as co-vocalist. The trio played their first gig on New Year's Eve 1986/1987. The band from then on began to play small gigs around the Orange County area. Tony Kanal went to one of these early shows and soon joined the band as a bassist. In 1987 lead vocalist John Spence committed suicide, leaving Gwen Stefani as lead vocalist. Although the band was hit hard by Spence's death, they continued on and began to develop a live following, mainly in the band's home state of California. In 1988 and 1989 two new members were added to the band: Tom Dumont (guitar) and Adrian Young (drums). In 1991 the band received their first ...

years active 1986 – Present
origin California, United States
music genre Alternative rock, Ska punk, Pop Music
current members Gwen Stefani
Tony Kanal
Adrian Young
Tom Dumont
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia