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No Exit

"''No Exit"'' is an existentialist play by Jean-Paul Sartre, originally published in French in 1944 as "''Huis clos"''. English translations have also been performed under the titles "''In Camera"'', "''No Way Out"'', and "''Dead End"''. The play features only four characters (one of whom, the Valet, appears for only a very limited time), and one set. ''No Exit'' is the source of the famous Sartrean maxim, "Hell is other people". It has been adapted in cinema many times, notably in 1954 by Jacqueline Audry.

The play begins with a Valet leading a man named Garcin into a room that the audience soon realizes is in hell (many people believe that hell is portrayed as a gigantic hotel because of the "rooms and passages" mentioned in the play). The room has no windows, no mirrors, and only one door. Eventually Garcin is joined by a woman (Inès), and then another (Estelle). After their entry, the Valet leaves and the door is shut and locked. All expect to be tortured, but no torturer arrives. Instead, they realize they are there to torture each other, which they do effectively, by probing each other's sins, desires, and unpleasant memories. At first, the three see events c...

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