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Nobuo Uematsu

"Nobuo Uematsu" (植松 伸夫; ''Uematsu Nobuo'', born March 21, 1959) is a Japanese composer of video game music, and one of the most well-known, prolific, and versatile in the field. He has composed music for many games produced by Squaresoft and Square Enix, including the ''Final Fantasy'' series of role playing games, and some pieces for ''Chrono Trigger''.

Born in Kochi City, Kochi prefecture, Japan, Uematsu began to play the piano when he was twelve years old (his greatest role model early in life was Elton John) and is a self-taught musician. After graduating from Kanagawa University, he composed music for commercials before joining Squaresoft. (now Square Enix Co., Ltd.) in 1986. He went on to compose music for over thirty game titles, including the award-winning ''Final Fantasy'' series. In October 2004, Uematsu formed Smile Please Co., Ltd. and continues to compose for Square Enix along with several other companies.

Uematsu has written a column, "Nobuo Uematsu no Minna Sounano?", for popular Japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu for several years. Two compilations of the columns have been released. Additionally, Uematsu signed to finish the ''Chrono ...

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