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Noir Désir

"Noir Désir" is a French rock band, currently on hiatus.


The band was founded in Bordeaux, in 1985 by singer Bertrand Cantat, drummer Denis Barthe, guitarist Serge Teyssot-Gay and bassist Frédéric Vidalenc (replaced in 1996 by Jean-Paul Roy). Over the years, they became famous in France, releasing albums every few years.

Noir Désir's second album, released in 1990, introduced punk rock elements to their sound. This continued with their next album, ''Tostaky'', which contained the successful song of the same title.

Easily the most popular rock group in France, their success continued with the release of the dance-influenced ''666.667 Club'', and the remix album ''One Trip One Noise''. Their last album, 2001's ''Des visages, des figures'', was a slower, more ambitious affair. This album also contains a collaboration with a fellow francophone Manu Chao. "Des visages, des figures" was the album of the consecration for the group which won the music victory of the best rock album of year 2002 and the victory of the best clip for "Le Vent nous portera". Even if their last album seemed to be the slowest one, the following gigs were huge rock shows where thou...

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