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''Nola is also the title of a piano composition by Felix Arndt. Nola can also refer to New Orleans, or the album NOLA from heavy metal band Down.''

"Nola" is a city of Campania, Italy, in the province of Naples, pleasantly situated in the plain between Mount Vesuvius and the Apennines.

It is served by the local railway from Naples to Baiano, and is 22 miles from Naples by the main line via Cancello.

Two fairs are held in Nola, on June 14 and the November 12; and July 26 is devoted to a great festival in honour of St Paulinus, one of the early bishops of the city, who invented the church bell (''campana'', taking its name from Campania). The church erected by him in honour of St Felix in the 4th century is extant in part. There is a monument (restored in 1887) to Giordano Bruno, the free-thinker, who was born at Nola in 1548.


Nola, called ''Nuvlana ''on the most ancient coins, was one of the oldest cities of Campania, variously said to have been founded by the Ausones, the Chalcidians from Cumae and the Etruscans. The last-named were certainly in Nola about 560 BC. At the time when it sent assistance to Neapolis against...

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