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None More Black

"None More Black" is a New Jersey-based melodic punk outfit on Fat Wreck Chords, formed by lead singer / guitarist Jason Shevchuk after the demise of his previous band, Philadelphia's Kid Dynamite. Jason left Kid Dynamite so that he could finish film school, and "to sort some things out." While at school, Jason had written some songs and would play them with his roommate Dan and a drum machine. By 2000, they had a second guitarist and a real drummer. That lineup soon fell apart, but by 2001 Jason and Dan had recruited Jason's brother Jeff, along with a new drummer. But after recording a 7" for Sub Division Records, that lineup fell apart, this time leaving only Jeff and Jason. But finally in 2002 (after a few more lineup changes) a solid (or so it seemed) lineup was established, featuring Paul from Kill Your Idols on bass. A demo was recorded, circulated, and the band went on to release their first full length on Fat Wreck Chords.

The band's sound is unique oriented although can be compared to labelmates the Lawrence Arms than Dag Nasty or Minor Threat. Their name originates from a line in rockumentary movie This Is Spinal Tap. The majority of the band's song titles are re...

years active 2002 – Present (time)
status Active
country New Jersey, USA
music genre Punk rock
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia