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None The Wiser

Media: In 1997 a couple of years after I moved to NC from Springfield, Mo. where I worked in several different Rock/Metal bands. I decided I wanted to persue a style of music that had no limits, and in no time found my good friend Tim Eason (guitar/vocalist). He had placed an add in the "ESP Soundboard" looking for someone to create "Atmospheric Mood Music". I met with him and we began writing songs together.

After a while we jammed with some drummers, and other musicians until Tim met up with a percussive pair named: Chris Laughlin (drums) & Kent Lovern (vocals/percussion). We jammed a little and things clicked! Tim and I were talking on the phone about the chemistry between the four of us and were toying with the idea of forming a new band! I told Tim that even after living on the road in the Mid-west and eating "Ramen noodles" all three meals of the day because I was too broke to buy a hot dog, that I was going to do it! I said..."I g...

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