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"Noori" is a Pakistani rock band. Its members include both the brothers Ali Noor (vocal and lead) and Ali Hamza (vocal and bass). Noori's music balances traditional Punjabi lyrics with rock music. The group released their first album, ''Suno Ke Main Hun Jawan'', in 2003. The album was extremely successful in Pakistan. They released their second album, Peeli Patti Aur Raja Jani Ki Gol Dunya, in September 2005 and are in the middle of their Peeli Patti concert tour, stopping in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.

Many songs of Noori's debut album Suno Ke Mein Hun Jawan (SKMHJ) had developed a cult following before the album's release in 2003 through leaks on the Internet. These leaks led to the high public anticipation for the album and contributed to its success. Suno Ke Mein Hun Jawan offers a complicated mix of sounds, starting from a folk-like Manwa Re that was actually written -- and rejected -- for a Pakistani film, to hard rock anthems to youth like the title track. Thematically, SKMHJ is optimistic, with songs urging listeners to change the world, that life is beautiful and professing women empowerment (ala Tum Hans Diye).

Noori's second album, ''Peeli Patti Aur Raja Jan...

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