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Nuclear Assault

"Nuclear Assault" is a thrash metal band formed in 1985. As a bass player, Dan Lilker left Anthrax after performing on their album ''Fistful of Metal''. He left Anthrax in search of more aggressive music to play and founded Nuclear Assault with vocalist and guitarist John Connelly, who was also a member of Anthrax for a short time. Guitarist Mike Bogush and drummer Scott Duboys (later of Warrior Soul and cousin of heavy metal manager Eric Greif) recorded on the first demo before being replaced by guitarist Anthony Bramante and drummer Glenn Evans. After the release of ''Out of Order'' bassist Lilker left to pursue Brutal Truth in 1992. The band released one more album without him before breaking up. Nuclear Assault reformed in 2002 and released the album ''Alive Again''.

*1984 Nuclear Assault demo Demo, 1984

*Live, Suffer, Die Demo, 1985

*Brain Death NA EP, 1986

*Game Over Full-length, 1986

*The Plague NA EP, 1987

*Fight To Be Free EP, 1988

*Good Times Bad Times NA EP, 1988

*Survive Full-length, 1988

*Handle With Care NA video - European Tour '89 Video/VHS, 1989

*Handle With Care NA Full-length, 1989

*Radiation Sickness Video/VHS, 1991

*Out Of Order...

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