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Number Girl

"Number Girl" (ナンバーガール) is a rock band that was formed in Fukuoka, Japan in August, 1995 by Shutoku Mukai. They disbanded in 2002.

Arguably the biggest name in Japanese indie-rock, Number Girl played fast, guitar-driven rock influenced primarily by the Pixies. Their sound gradually evolved, and their later records became more experimental in nature, serving as a basis for Mukai's post-Number Girl project, the Zazen Boys.

The band was formed in August of 1995, when Shutoku Mukai decided to put together a band for an upcoming event. Recruiting a guitarist, bassist, and drummer, Mukai created the basis for his new band. A solo artist at the time, Mukai had one particular unit called the "Number Five". Learning that his new members were previously in a band called "Cowgirl", it was decided that the two names would be merged, and so Mukai christened his new band, "Number Girl".

After numerous line-up changes, with the final line-up consisting of Hisako Tabuchi on guitar, Kentarou Nakao on bass, and Ahito Inazawa on drums, the band released their first full-length studio album, School Girl Bye Bye in November of 1997 on an independent label.

years active 1995–2002
origin Fukuoka
country Japan
status Disbanded
music genre Alternative rock
Indie rock
current members Shutoku Mukai
Hisako Tabuchi
Kentarou Nakao
Ahito Inazawa
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia