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Nylon Beat

"Nylon Beat" was a Finnish band, duo of two females that was very popular during 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s. Their active career was during 1996-2003.

The band was formed in 1995 as a result of TV show "Kiitorata". The members are Jonna Kosonen and Erin Koivisto. By the time both girls were only 16 years old. They started with backup tracks and dancers. Later their music matured somewhat and finally they performed fully live with a real band consisting of the best of professional musicians of the day.

Also other artists have covered Nylon Beat’s catchy pop songs, for example a million seller from South Korea called S.E.S.


* ''Nylon Beat'' (1996)

* ''Satasen laina'' (1997)

* ''Nylon Moon'' (1998), their first fully english album

* ''Valehtelija'' (1999)

* ''Demo'' (2000)

* ''Extreme'' (2001)

* ''Last In Line'' (2002), second english album

* ''12 apinaa'' (2003)

* ''Comeback'' (2CD, compilation) (2004)

* ''Hyvää uutta vuotta Live'' (CD & DVD) (2004)


*''Oot kuin karkkia mulle'' (1995)

*''Teflon love'' (1996)

*''Rakastuin mä looseriin'' (1996)

*''Lä-lä-lä'' (1996)

*''Satasen laina'' (1997)

*''Kuumalle hiek...

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