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"Oblivion" was a seminal punked-out metal-spoof rock group from the Chicago area. The band was comprised of Pete Oblivion (née Pete Kourim) on the bass guitar and lead vocals, Scott Oblivion (née Scott Ozark) on guitar and back-up vocals, and Bri-O (née Brian Czarnik) on drums and the ocassional Elvis impersonation (he was also simultaneously in The Bollweevils). First starting as a heavy metal cover band toward the end of the 80's. Pete was in another group called Amish Vomit, with two others who would join The Vindictives, where the origins of the song "Stolen" came from. The group eventually solidified in the early 90s and was active through the early 2001. The group disbanded after approximately ten years. Pete moved on to a group called Mexican Cheerleader, Scott formed The Nobs, and Brian moved to Florida and worked on a big cat (tigers/lions) sanctuary.

During the late 90's, Oblivion had a strong following in the Chicago/Midwest punk scene. Their musical stylings borrowed equal parts from punk, metal, classic rock, and goof rock. They released a number of 7"s and full length albums primarily on Johann's Face Records, although they also released music on Dr. Stran...

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