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Ric Ocasek

"Ric Ocasek" (born "Richard Otcasek" on March 23, 1949, in Baltimore, Maryland) is the former vocalist and frontman for The Cars and a producer for several other groups, including Bad Brains and Suicide.

The visually distinctive, very slender singer released his first solo album in 1982. ''Beatitude'' is a somewhat more experimental variation of The Cars' New Wave rock sound. A more synthesizer-heavy follow up, ''This Side Of Paradise'', was released in 1986. A #15 hit single, "Emotion In Motion", accompanied the album.

The Cars split in 1988, and Ocasek disappeared from the public eye for a couple of years, resurfacing in 1990 with ''Fireball Zone''. One track, "Rockaway", enjoyed a brief stay on the charts, but his solo albums have seen disappointing sales, especially compared to his success with the Cars. He subsequently released other solo works throughout the decade, including 1993's ''Quick Change World'', 1996's ''Getchertikitz'' (a collaboration with Suicide's Alan Vega), and 1997's Billy Corgan-produced ''Troublizing'' (which Ocasek supported with a very brief tour, his first since leaving the Cars). In 2005, Ocasek released another album, ''Nexterday'', to ...

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