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"The Odorants" are a Finnish punk rock band.

The Odorants were formed in 1995 when Jaska went to high school in Nurmo where he met Anssi and Rami. Jaska had a friend called Murkku in Seinäjoki and the four of them quickly formed the band. Rami and Anssi could already play their instruments but the other two had no experience. Murkku, being somewhat fluent in English, became the lead singer and bassist with Jaska assigned the drumkit.

The band made their first demo in 1996 under the name "Butt First" featuring their first song "Meat Means Burger". Soon afterwards the Canadian DIY label United Records signed the band and included the song "Stay Away" on their compilation "United We Stand Vol. 1" (1997). One condition of this was the band changing its name, which was when they bacame The Odorants.

Their first EP, "Tales From The Underground", was released in 1998 and the opening track "Not Over You" received national radio airplay. In 1999 United Records closed down, cancelling a planned Odorants tour in Canada & the northern US. Their second EP,"2.", was self-released in June 1999 with Anssi taking over from Murkku as lead singer. After this the band were inacti...

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