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Omnibus is a Latin word meaning "for all (people)" and has several meanings in standard English: *bus, a vehicle for transporting large numbers of people *Omnibus, a law which covers many different subjects, or has had many unrelated additions tacked onto it. *omnibus (media), a book, video, or movie collecting two or more previous works by the same author, director, theme, or other unifying criterion *omnibus (broadcast), a compilation of daily episodes for some programs *omnibus (survey), a survey in which data on a wide variety of subjects is collected during the same interview *Omnibus, a broadcast program *Omnibus, an album by Decemberists singer/songwriter Colin Meloy's first band Tarkio. *Omnibus progression, a sequence of chords which effectively divides an octave into 4 equal parts. *Omnibus Press, a British publisher of books *Omnibus, a friend of Papa Smurf in the comic and cartoon The Smurfs *Omnibus, a vehicle of mass transit capable of visiting any physical or conceptual location - see The Magic School Bus. *The I/O bus used on certain PDP-8 computers manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation.

Omnibus had no...

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