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"Omnisoul" is a pop-rock band on the record label Wind-Up Records. The band consists of five members from the University of Delaware.

Omnisoul started with singer/songwriter Derek Fuhrmann, who found keyboardist Jamie Orlando, bassist Josh Berger, and drummer Tyler Ingersoll to join him. They named themselves Omnisoul, and were soon joined by guitarist Shawn Manigly.

Fuhrmann and Orlando took music management courses to try to direct their band in the correct direction. During their first real gig, they won a Battle of the Bands. In addition, Omnisoul caught the eye of WSTW, Delaware's Top 40 radio station, with their song "Waiting (Save Your Life)". This led to the song's inclusion on the TV show ''Joan of Arcadia'' (CBS) and on the ''Fantastic 4'' Soundtrack.

The band worked with producer Gregg Wattenberg (Five For Fighting) and engineer Greg Gordon (Jet, Oasis) for their album ''Things That Could Be Said'', which will be released in 2006.

*''Things That Could Be Said'' - to be released in 2006; Wind-Up Records

*"When You Go (single)" - released May 2006; Wind-Up Records


* "Waiting (Save Your Life)" - From the Fantast...

origin Newark, Delaware
country United States
music genre Pop music
current members Derek Fuhrmann (vocals/guitar)
Shawn Manigly (guitar)
Josh Berger (bass)
Tyler Ingersoll (drums)
Jamie Orlando (keyboard)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia