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One Man Army

"One Man Army" is a now separated punk rock band who formed in San Fransisco, California in 1996. The band was discovered by Billie Joe Armstrong while playing in an East Bay club, and their debut album ''Dead End Stories'' was the first release on Adeline Records, Armstrong's label.

Originally consisting of Jack Dalrymple (guitar, lead vocals), Brandon Pollack (drums), and James Kotter (bass), the members at the time of separation were Dalrymple, Heiko Schrepel (bass, backup vocals) and Chip Hanna (drums).


* ''Dead End Stories'' (1998 on Adeline Records)

* ''Last Word Spoken'' (2000 on Adeline Records)

* ''Rumors And Headlines'' (2002 on BYO Records)


* ''BYO Split Series, Vol. 5'' (split with Alkaline Trio), BYO Records (2004)


* ''One Man Army: The Show Must Go Off'' (2003 on Kung Fu Records)

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origin San Francisco, United States
years active 1996–2005
music genre Punk rock
current members Jack Dalrymple
Heiko Schrepel
Chip Hanna
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia