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onelinedrawing was the solo project of Jonah Matranga, best known as the vocalist for the cult melodic hardcore band Far. It traces its origins back to 1995, when Matranga began making a series of home recordings that "weren't made with the intention of anyone hearing them". Four years' worth of these recordings wound up on the "Sketchy #1 and #2 EPs", which were self-released under the Jonah's Onelinedrawing moniker in 1999.

When Far went on indefinite hiatus in 1999, Matranga made onelinedrawing a more serious concern, putting out two further EPs in 2001 - "Always New JanJun00?" and "Always New JulDec00?". Around the same time, Matranga started another project, New End Original (an anagram of onelinedrawing), which was essentially to put his onelinedrawing material within a more full band-style context. New End Original's sole album Thriller came out on Jade Tree Records in 2001.

Jade Tree also put out the first onelinedrawing album Visitor in May 2002; again this was a mixed...

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