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Onesidezero is an American metal band from Los Angeles. Their style is often described as heavy melodic rock. Their songs are often very dark, with deep lyrics, and slow bass lines. The only full length album they have released to date is Is This Room Getting Smaller. Vocalist Jasan Radford is known for his work on the English dub of the Digimon movie.

Onesidezero are currently in the process of writing and recording a new album.

Onesidezero is also a UK based designer working within the fields of illustration and design. The work has been featured worldwide and deals with vector, illustration, collage, painting, print and digital designs of all aspects.

= *1998 Demo (1998) *2000 Demo (2000)

= *Is This Room Getting Smaller Promo (2001) *ITRGS Promo (2001) *New World Order (2001) = *Is This Room Getting Smaller (2001) *Is This Room Getting Smaller Pre-Release (2001)

= *Jasan Radford: Vocals and Guitar *Levon Sultanian: Lead Guitar Backing Vocals *Cristian Hernandez: Bass guitar Backing Vocals *Rob Basile: DrumsPercussion

These are other bands which Onesidezero has been compared to, and who may have b...

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