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Opera IX

"''Opera IX"'' is an Italian band that blend black metal, doom metal and death metal and have some influences of gothic metal. The band was founded by Ossian in 1988. The lineup is completed by Vlad on bass and Flegias on drums. Two demo tapes have been recorded. At the end of 1993, Silent Bard, who has a classical background, joins the band as a keyboard player. In this line-up, ''The Call of the Wood'' is recorded. Quickly after the release the keyboard duties are taken over by Triskent.

However, before the recording of the second album ''Sacro Culto'', Lunaris is brought in as a keyboard player. In the meantime, Opera IX also featured on the ''A Call of Irons'' tribute album to Iron Maiden with a rendition of their longest opus "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner".

2000, saw the release of the third album ''The Black Opera - Simphoniae Misteriorum in Laude Tenebrarum'', featuring a cover version of Bauhaus' "Bela Legosi's dead". Also, the debut album is re-released with two bonus tracks.

In 2001, Cadaveria and Flegias, decide to leave the band and continue under the name of Cadaveria. They are replaced by Taranis on drums, and Madras on vocals. Now a fourth album ...

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