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"''Opshop"'' is a New Zealand rock band formed in 2002.

"Opshop" was started by Invercargill born Christchurch raised singer/songwriter Jason Kerrison who was basing himself in Auckland crafting his work at a residency in a smoky backpacker's bar downtown.

Growing tired of the solo shows, he invited guitarist and old school friend, Tim Skedden to join him and share the acoustic vibe that the club and its punters had come to enjoy. In the following year, Kerrison met up with another old school mate and long time jamming drummer, Bobby Kennedy (also from Christchurch) and invited him to join the very young band. In the following few months, another long-term friend crossed Kerrison's path. The band's name was ''GST'', but was soon changed to "Opshop".

Guitarist Matt Treacy (yet another Cantabrian) was also living in Auckland and was soon to be a member of this emerging act. So with four members in place, jamming, interacting, along with plenty of nostalgia and catching up on the Christchurch days, the OPSHOP bandwagon was now rolling.

It was then that the band recruited a friend of Jason's that he had met while studying ethnomusicology at Auckland University....

country Auckland, New Zealand
years active 2002–present
music genre Rock music
current members Jason Kerrison
Bobby Kennedy
Matt Treacy
Clint Harris
Tim Skedden
Ian Munro
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia