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"Orphanage" is a metal band from the Netherlands.

They have released 4 full albums to date, fourth released in April 2004 on Nuclear Blast records.

On 20th of October 2005 the band has announced that they have stopped.

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| style="background:lightgrey;" | "The official announcement states:"


| style="background:white;border:2px solid lightgrey;" | Through this message we want to bring you the news that the heavy metal band Orphanage has stopped.

From recent internal discussions it appeared that there was too much irritation and a lack of mutual trust, to be able to make a new Orphanage product, by the high quality standards that the band has been known for throughout the years.

An end has come to 11 years of "Innovative Gregorian Celtic Groovy Melodic Doom Death Metal". We've had a great time. A lot of special moments are in our hearts forever. We were there, YOU were there.

Please send the news to all that have supported us in all these years, in what form whatsoever. Doesn't matter if you read this for the 100th time, just be sure that we . . .

. . . want t...

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