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"Orpheus" was a Boston-based rock band that enjoyed brief popularity in the 1960’s. Original members included guitarist/vocalists Bruce Arnold and Jack McKennes, bass guitarist Eric "the Snake" Gulliksen, and drummer Harry Sandler. Orpheus recorded three albums and four singles for MGM Records produced by musical legend Alan Lorber, including their best known hit, ''Can’t Find The Time''.

The group disbanded in December of 1969 when McKennes and Sandler resigned. Gulliksen left in February of 1970 in protest over a lack of professionalism and an indifference to the fan base. Arnold then joined an existing band led by Stephen Martin (who had written several of the group's early songs) to form a second incarnation of Orpheus. This group recorded one album and one single on Bell Records in 1971. All of the songs on this album were written by Martin. The studio lineup included the legendary Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, who had performed similar duties on a few of the original group's recordings. This group disbanded in 1972, largely over issues similar to the first dissolution.

* ''Orpheus'' (1968)

* ''Ascending'' (1968)

* ''Joyful'' (1969)

* ''Orpheus 4'' (197...

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