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Outer Limits

"''The Outer Limits"'' is an American television series. Similar in style to the earlier ''The Twilight Zone'', ''The Outer Limits'' is an anthology science fiction show in which each episode is a self-contained story with a plot twist. In its original incarnation the show ran for two seasons from 1963 to 1965 in black-and-white. It was revived in 1995 and ran for seven seasons until 2002.

— Opening narration – The Control Voice – 1960s

''The Outer Limits'' originally ran from 1963 to 1965 on the U.S. broadcast network ABC, and a total of 49 episodes. It was created by Leslie Stevens and was one of the many series ostensibly influenced by ''The Twilight Zone'' (1959-1964) and ''Science Fiction Theatre'' (1955-1957), though it was ultimately influential in its own right.

Writers included creator Stevens and Joseph Stefano (screenwriter for Alfred Hitchcock's ''Psycho''), the series' first-season producer and energetic guiding force. Harlan Ellison wrote two episodes ("Soldier" and the award-winning "Demon with a Glass Hand") for the show's more cautious second season; Ellison later argued in the courts that both episodes were the inspiration fo...

format Science Fiction
runtime 60 min.
creator Leslie Stevens
starring Vic Perrin (Control Voice)
country United States
network American Broadcasting Company
first aired September 16, 1963
last aired January 16, 1965
num episodes 49
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia