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Rob Overseer (who publishes his music under just his last name) is a British DJ/producer, born in Salisbury probably most well known from his works for soundtracks like Animatrix, Snatch and Any Given Sunday, or video games like Need for Speed: Underground and Stuntman. His songs are also frequently used in TV commercials such as Hairdo for Vodafone which featured his song Velocity Shift or the Endeavor commercial for Mitsubishi, which featured Horndog.

Wreckage was released in the US in 2003 to great critical, if not popular, acclaim. The UK release of this album was plagued with many difficulties that led to a six month delay in its release, prompting Rob to move to new management at the end of 2005.

2006 is set to bring a new Overseer album according to this forum post by Rob. The album is as of yet untitled, but it is expected to contain Skylight, a track that featured on the Blade: Trinity soundtrack.

The current status of th...

years active 1996 – present
origin Leeds, United Kingdom
music genre Electronica
Big Beat
current members Rob Overseer
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia


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